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6 Skills You'll Need to Get Out of Any Escape Room

The challenge of escape rooms is alluring, exciting, and intellectually stimulating. Growing more and more popular, escape rooms test a person's abilities on a wide variety of levels. It takes a certain amount of skill, patience, and practice to esc..


Friends vs. Strangers: What's the Best Group to Have in Escape Room?

Picture this: you're in a room with seven other people. You have an hour to solve a case utilizing a series of mind-bending clues. The urgency increases as the puzzles pile in- you know that once that hour is up, there's no going back. There..


6 Reasons to Hold Your Company's Next Team Building Exercise in an Escape Room

  Imagine this: your company's team is stranded on a decrepit pirate ship, The Black Rose, with the express goal to unlock the mysteries of the ship before being doomed to remain on the cursed ship for all eternity with its skeletal pirate crew...


5 Reasons To Have Your Teen's Birthday Party In An Escape Room

  When choosing a venue for your teen's next birthday party, escape rooms might not immediately come to mind, but they should! Escape rooms are unique, thrilling, and impossible to match for a stand-out birthday experience. Not convinced? Here ..


6 Things You Need To Know Before Your First Escape Room Adventure

  For people looking to add adventure, excitement, and perhaps even some thrills to their weekend outings, escape rooms have become the new go-to activity. In fact, escape rooms have become so popular in recent years that there are now over 2000..