5 Reasons To Have Your Teen's Birthday Party In An Escape Room

Posted on November 01, 2018


When choosing a venue for your teen's next birthday party, escape rooms might not immediately come to mind, but they should! Escape rooms are unique, thrilling, and impossible to match for a stand-out birthday experience. Not convinced? Here are the top five reasons to scrap your other party ideas and book an escape room instead.

1. Guarantee a Good Time For Your Guests

Every parent knows that keeping a gaggle of teenagers entertained for hours is no easy feat. But when your party's being held in an escape room, you can rest easy knowing that nobody is going to be bored. Escape rooms drop you immediately into a thrilling, immersive scenario where you can't help but get involved in the action.

2. Keep Everyone Engaged

Just by the nature of teen gatherings, it can be hard to make sure that everyone is involved and having fun at a party. With an escape room, though, nobody's going to be sitting on the sidelines. The time pressure of having only one hour to escape combined with challenging puzzles means that everyone better work together if they want to escape. Don't tell your kids, but they might even learn something about teamwork and cooperation along the way.

And if you're concerned that not everyone on your list is a big puzzle-person, don't be! Escape rooms are about as far from your grandma's pencil-and-paper crossword book as possible. Because of the diversity of the puzzles and the intricate theming, escape rooms are sure to please teens of all interests and ability levels.

3. Make the Planning Easier on Yourself

Planning a party is hard enough as it is. On top of figuring out entertainment for restless teenagers, you've also got to contend with guest lists, food (and picky eaters), decorations, other parents... The list of details goes on and on. Booking an escape room makes the planning dead simple. Just arrange transportation and maybe some snacks afterward and your work is done! We'll do the rest of the heavy lifting as far as keeping everyone entertained.

4. What Could Be More Memorable?

Escape rooms drop your kid and their guests into an interactive story in which they control the outcome. As fun as a regular party can be, nothing can compete with the thrill of unraveling a complex storyline with close friends. And while we're sure nobody will forget their daring escape, we'll provide a perfect photo op afterward, fit for the 'gram.

5. Keep Things Cozy and Manageable

It may be hard for your teen to resist the impulse to invite everyone under the sun to their party. With an escape room, though, you'll have to cut the list down to around eight so that everyone can fit in the room. This keeps your guest list down to only close friends, making your life easier and your teen's party more fun and intimate.

Making it Happen

While throwing an escape room party doesn't take a ton of planning, there are a few key considerations you'll need to keep in mind.

Room Capacity

Before you send out invitations, you'll want to check the capacity of the escape room you're planning to book. If you want everyone to play in the same room, you'll likely need to cap the number of attendees to eight or fewer. This restriction is not only due to room size but also to ensure that everyone gets a chance to collaborate and enjoy the puzzles.

Sharing the Room

Another consideration that goes hand-in-hand with group size is whether or not you will book the entire room for your party. Typically, if you book a room with fewer than eight participants, you be joined by others who chose the same time slot. As fun and challenging as working with new friends can be, it may not be the birthday experience you have in mind. Instead, you might consider reserving an entire room for your party. Feel free to get in touch with us for more information about this option.

Age Limits

For liability reasons, many escape rooms will have an age limit. For instance, Escape Gate requires an adult to accompany children under the age of 18. If your teen is on the younger side, you'll definitely need to keep this in mind.

Suggestions For Success

If you've never planned an escape-room excursion, there are a few things you can do to make sure things go smoothly.

  • Make sure everyone knows what to expect. As popular as escape rooms have become, not everyone is familiar with the concept. Make sure your invitees know what they're in for when they accept your invitation.
  • Remind everyone to be on time. The concept of fashionably late doesn't apply to a party at an escape room. Arriving too late will cut into the time your group has to escape the room. It may help to advertise the start time as being 15 minutes prior to your appointment to make sure that everyone makes it. Alternatively, you could have the group meet elsewhere and then travel to the location together.
  • Try to quell the competitiveness. While escape rooms are by nature collaborative, the intensity of the experience sometimes drives certain participants to become competitive and irritable with one another. If you're chaperoning, encourage competition only with the room and not with one another, and model an attitude where mistakes are just proof that you're getting closer to the answer. This will stop anyone from getting too stressed out.

Of course, if there are other details you're struggling to figure out, you can always give us a call and we'd be happy to help.

Your Party at Escape Gate

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