6 Things You Need To Know Before Your First Escape Room Adventure

Posted on November 01, 2018


For people looking to add adventure, excitement, and perhaps even some thrills to their weekend outings, escape rooms have become the new go-to activity. In fact, escape rooms have become so popular in recent years that there are now over 2000 escape rooms nationwide. Even if you have never been to an escape room, it is likely that you have heard of them, or that you maybe even know someone who has been to one themselves. Yet, you may still be unsure what an escape room is, and what you need to know about them before you go. If you are considering doing your first escape room, here are answers to 6 common questions people have before tackling their first escape room adventure.

What is an Escape Room?

So, the first question you are likely asking yourself is "what is an escape room?" An escape room is an adventurous game in which participants are "locked" into a themed room with their teammates, and they must solve riddles, puzzles, and clues in order to find their way out of the room before the time runs out. Once locked in the escape room, your team of 2-8 will have an hour to try to collect the code or key that unlocks the door, ending the game. If you are unable to work your way out of the room in this timeframe, you lose and are trapped inside (just kidding, losing participants are let out to face the shame of defeat). Don't worry though! While escape rooms are meant to be mentally challenging, they are designed for people of all skill levels to be able to win them. All of the clues you need to win are in the room, and many escape room employees will offer tips and advice when they tell a group is struggling. However, if you lose, that should just provide you with motivation to come back and try again! Win or lose, escape rooms are a fun activity you will come to love.

What Will I Encounter Inside?

What you encounter inside the escape room depends entirely on the escape room you choose. Escape rooms are all themed, and you will be given a story when you enter that is meant to immerse you in the world of the game you will be playing while setting up your first clue. It is through this story that the adventure truly begins, as you will learn that you must free a maiden in distress, or that there is a bomb that you must defuse before time runs out. The room will be decorated based on this story, helping to further create a realistic atmosphere for the adventure that is to come.

Many escape rooms are themed around fantasy and sci-fi stories, and you may even find rooms based on your favorite book, movie, or fairy tale, allowing you to take on the role of your favorite hero or villain. Inside the escape room, you will be faced with puzzles that will test your mental resolve as well as the strength of your team working abilities. You and your brave comrades will work together to solve number puzzles, decode messages, and put together physical puzzles in order to escape the room, defuse the bomb, or free the princess before time runs out. Depending on the room you pick, you may find yourself in the land of King Arthur trying to locate keys that will allow you to remove the sword from the stone, or you may even find yourself in an alternate realm attempting to break a curse and escape before the veil between the worlds closes.

Are Escape Rooms Scary?

Considering you will be locked into a room in which you have to solve puzzles to escape, people often wonder if escape rooms are scary. While some escape rooms may have intense storylines and themes, escape rooms are meant to be a fun group activity, not a terrifying or disturbing experience. However, with that being said, some escape rooms may contain themes that may scare younger children, such as those with horror movie themes, characters, and images. But there are also many family-friendly escape rooms that are themed after common books, movies, and video games that anyone can enjoy. However, escape rooms may be uncomfortable for people who are extremely claustrophobic, as they may become overwhelmed by the prospect of being locked into a room. Keep in mind that you are never truly trapped, and if you start to feel uncomfortable you can alert staff and be let out at any time. Since escape rooms are meant to be fun, no one is going to make you stay if you get uncomfortable.

Who Are They Good For?

So, who are escape rooms for? Escape rooms can be a fun and exciting experience for almost everyone and are great for many occasions. Even people who think they will not enjoy puzzle and code-breaking activities quickly find themselves immersed in the spirit of the games and excited to try and beat the clock. Since escape rooms are a group activity, they are often more fun with bigger groups, and they can make great birthday parties, bachelor parties, or a fun Friday night out with family and friends. Some companies even use escape rooms as team building activities for their employees, as escape rooms are a great way to bond and learn to work together as a group. While there are escape rooms themed for the whole family, due to the problem-solving nature of escape rooms, many escape rooms are not fun for younger children, particularly for those who cannot yet read or do basic math. You should check with an escape room to see what their suggested age range is.

How Are Escape Rooms Different From Other Group Events?

Since most people are familiar with other group adventure events, such as murder mystery parties, you may be wondering how escape rooms differ from these other events. What sets escape rooms apart from other problem-solving group events is that escape rooms are a truly collaborative experience. Given the difficult nature of the puzzles and the extremely limited time-frame you are given, escape rooms force the entire group to work together to have a hope of finishing before time runs out. Additionally, while murder mystery dinners often force one individual to work against the rest of the group, escape rooms only work if everyone can work together as a team. If you would rather work with your friends to reach a common goal than being forced to pretend to kill them over the course of a dinner, then you would likely prefer escape rooms to murder mystery parties!

How Do I Choose My First Escape Room?

With such a huge variety of exciting escape rooms to choose from, you may be wondering how you should choose your first one. The most important thing to consider is what theme you and your friends will be the most excited by and would find it easiest to immerse yourself in. Do you like horror films and feel excited by the idea of being held hostage by an escaped murderer? Or have you always fancied being a pirate who must search an island looking for clues that will lead you to the buried treasure? Research escape rooms in your area to see what options are available, and read room descriptions to see what escape room speaks to you. However, don't get too worried about choosing the right one when the most fun option would be to try them all over the coming weeks or months! If you live near Orem, UT and are excited by the idea of a heart-pounding escape room that will get the adrenaline flowing, consider choosing one of our themed rooms at Escape Gate. We have several room options that are guaranteed to please any thrill-seeker.