5 Reasons Why an Escape Room Is the Perfect Place for a Bachelorette Party

Posted on November 27, 2018

Escape room challenges are among one of the most popular activities in the world for people of all backgrounds, ages, and personalities. An escape room is more than just challenging to the mind and can be the ideal place for team-building, memory-creating, and fun-having. It's even a great experience for special events or occasions. Here are 5 reasons why many people are turning to an escape room for their bachelorette party venue.

1. Everyone Can Get to Know Each Other Better

Whether your bachelorette party consists of just the wedding party, or friends, family, and co- workers, chances are that not everyone will know each other closely. Escape room challenges are the perfect place and experience to get to know each other before the wedding, in a fun and intelligent way. The challenges your group faces in an escape room provide an opportunity to get to know each other's strengths and personalities.

In order to complete the puzzles and find your way out, the party will need to work as a team. This natural, team-building opportunity helps avoid awkward conversations or silence; forcing everyone to work, and bond, together.

2. It's a Great Ice-Breaker

Usually, the bachelorette party marks the beginning of the wedding event, meaning that the wedding and all the chaos that goes along with it will be happening soon after. Bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, the ceremony, and reception may be just days away from when the bachelorette party is planned. This is typically the time when brides and even the bridal party are feeling stressed and overwhelmed. An escape room is an ideal place for every member of the party to throw their cares away for a short amount of time.

The memories you make and the fun you have in an escape room can help start the entire wedding event off on the right foot. It becomes not only a good ice- breaker between all the people in the room but also a way to break any tension and anxiety about any upcoming chaos. Simple and easy to plan, escape rooms remind everyone that the upcoming wedding is about fun.

3. Escape Rooms Are Unique, Different, and Fun

Everyone knows that the "typical" bachelorette party may involve restaurants or bars. But maybe you and your party want to do something a little different, and fun, for the bachelorette party. Escape rooms are a unique way to get friends and family together to celebrate the bride, but in a way that allows everyone to have fun and actively participate in an activity together. Every member of your group participates in an activity that uses everyone's best abilities and skills.

For brides wanting to set their parties apart from the rest and give their guests an experience to remember, a stop at an escape room can surely start the party off on the right note.

4. There Are Little "Restrictions"

Unlike many other activities or traditional, bachelorette party ideas, escape rooms pose little restrictions for everyone in your group. In an escape room challenge, it doesn't matter whether you're a young adult or old, big or small. Other things do not need to be taken into consideration either, like food allergies or alcohol restrictions. Everyone should be able to participate equally in an escape room challenge, even those with physical limitations. One of the greatest qualities of an escape room is its ability to allow everyone to participate differently, but always actively. And unlike many other activities, there is no option for members of your party to "hide" or be left behind.

5. It Can Create Strong Bonds and Lasting Memories

All of this activity and problem- solving you'll do in an escape room creates natural bonds and memories that will last forever. Since everyone in the group must work as a team to solve the problems and get out, you'll get to know each other and become closer than ever. You can learn each other's greatest attributes and strengths, as well as strengthen the bond you have as you get ready to celebrate a very auspicious occasion.

The fun challenges you face together are unlike any other experience and ones that your group won't soon forget. And when it comes to a wedding, it's all about creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Escape Room for a Bachelorette Party


Depending on the size of your group and what you want to do, bachelorette parties can get expensive. And when you're already worried about a wedding and all of the financial burden that goes along with it, you may start considering cheaper alternatives for the bachelorette party. Escape rooms tend to be a cost-efficient way to provide great entertainment for groups since the cost contains no hidden fees, extra expenses, and the cost is typically based on group size.

Group Size

You'll want to double-check the basic requirements and capacity limits of the escape room before booking your bachelorette party. While most rooms can accommodate sizable group numbers, you will not want to be over-crowded in an over-capacity room. Escape rooms create capacity limits for guest safety and in consideration of their experience.


Escape rooms are typically family-friendly, meaning that the content is not designed to be inappropriate. But that doesn't always mean that younger members of a group could actively participate in the activities required in an escape room challenge because it does take a lot of effort and skill. While some rooms may be geared towards a younger generation and operators may make special accommodations for some, it's best to consider adults for your escape room challenge. And always double- check about age restrictions.

An escape room is a unique venue for a bachelorette party that provides the perfect experience for bonding, creating memories, working as a team, and simply having a blast. Every member of your party can help solve problems, learn more about each other, and look forward to the magical wedding you'll soon enjoy together. Friends, family, and coworkers alike are sure to create memories together that will last a lifetime through solving problems and escaping the room!


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