6 Reasons to Hold Your Company's Next Team Building Exercise in an Escape Room

Posted on November 09, 2018


Imagine this: your company's team is stranded on a decrepit pirate ship, The Black Rose, with the express goal to unlock the mysteries of the ship before being doomed to remain on the cursed ship for all eternity with its skeletal pirate crew. Time is running out, and every member of the team has to work together to piece together the clues before it's too late.

Just a dream? No, this is an escape room scenario at Escape Gate, an amazing destination for your next team building exercise. Using an escape room may seem unconventional- and that's because it is. By getting people out of their comfort zone, ramping up the adrenaline, and providing mind-twisting puzzles, an escape room is the perfect place for your team's next team building exercise. Here are 6 reasons you want to make an escape room your team's next destination:

1. Gets your Team to Establish and Work Towards a Goal

Sometimes- especially if everyone's roles in a department are slightly different- it can be difficult to establish a common goal as a team. Even if all your employees are doing the same exact job, they probably each have their own projects to complete, numbers to reach, or clients to satisfy. Individual effort is great, but it can be easy to lose sight of the common goal of the business.

Enter the escape room experience. Right off the bat, your team will be given a goal: whether it's to unlock the mysteries of The Black Rose or solve a mafioso mystery, the goal is clearly established at the beginning of the experience. Your team will use that common impetus to solve the mystery, and bring that goal-focused experience back to the office with them.

2. Identifies Individual Strengths & Weaknesses

In addition to helping your team function smoothly as a team, this experience can highlight the individual characteristics of everyone in your team. For example, one team member is definitely going to emerge as the leader type. From delegating tasks to being the first to get the game really started, it'll be easy to highlight who has leadership potential.

You'll also quickly see who's the creative type, the brainstorming type, and the supportive type. On the other side of the coin, it can help you highlight team members who might need some extra motivation. One of your team members might hang back or lack the confidence to help solve the puzzle at hand. All of this information is valuable, and offers a great starting place to start motivating team member who need help- and perhaps thinking of additional roles for those who excel.

3. Escape Rooms are Unique and Memorable

Let's face it: not every team building exercise is memorable. The beauty of an escape room is that it provides an imaginative and unique setting that's like nothing your team members have experienced before. Because of the immersive and time-sensitive nature of the escape room challenge, your team's adrenaline will be flowing and their hearts will be pounding.

We're far more likely to remember things that truly triggered a physical and emotional response, so this isn't going to be just another team building exercise that your staff completes and then forgets about. You'll probably hear your staff bringing this experience up for quite some time at water coolers and office parties, reminiscing on that time they all boarded a haunted pirate ship!

4. The Experience Helps Team Members Bond

Picture this: no cell phones allowed, a common goal, and only an hour in which to complete the task. Because it's such a unique experience, your team members are going to have their guards down for a brief time. Facets of their personality that they may have kept quiet or hidden may come to the forefront, and everyone is going to learn something new about everyone else.

It's strange, but sometimes a fantasy experience can allow people to show their most real selves. They're outside of their comfort zone, detached from their usual day-to-day complaints and problems. This can allow your team to express some vulnerabilities you may not have seen before, and help your employees bond in unforeseen ways.

5. Stretches your Team to Think on Their Feet

When we say there are puzzles to unravel to get out of the escape room, we really mean it. Challenging for even your most intellectual employees, escape rooms push people to the limits of their abilities. Strange clues help stretch your employees' minds in interesting ways, while collaborative thought processes may push the envelope for some of your employees.

An escape room is a great way to prime the members of your team to be able to think quickly and on their feet. For those on your team who are used to being able to prepare ahead of time for everything that comes at them in the office, this is a great exercise to prompt them to let go of that control, tap into both their creative and analytical sides, and come up with solutions on the spot.

6. Honestly, it's Just Fun

Pirate ships? Alternate dimensions? Mysteries and puzzles and clues? All of these elements work together to provide your team with an element they may have found lacking in other team building exercises: fun.

Your team works really hard. They deserve an opportunity to let loose, get in touch with their imagination, and have fun. Escape rooms offer that sense of fun and adventure that many of us loved when we were children. They allow us to cut loose, laugh a little, and allow ourselves to be transported to an alternate dimension for a morning or an afternoon.

When your team emerges from the escape room- victorious or not- it will be after they've experienced an hour of heart-racing, believable, and interactive fun. They'll appreciate the fact that you've provided an enjoyable experience, as there's no doubt that an escape room is simply more fun than a traditional team-building experience.

If you're looking for a unique way to help your employees, staff, or team let loose, engage with their imaginations, work within a team, and stretch their minds to the max, then schedule an escape room trip. Contact us at Escape Gate to start planning the most memorable team-building exercise your staff has ever experienced.