Friends vs. Strangers: What's the Best Group to Have in Escape Room?

Posted on November 16, 2018

Picture this: you're in a room with seven other people. You have an hour to solve a case utilizing a series of mind-bending clues. The urgency increases as the puzzles pile in- you know that once that hour is up, there's no going back. There are no cell phones. No cheat sheets. Just you, the unsolved mystery in the room, and the people helping you solve the riddle of the room.

This is the escape room experience, a way to not only test the limits of your mind, but to learn to work with others in surprising ways. Your first thought might be that an escape room should be ventured with friends only. Who knows how a stranger or an acquaintance with react during this experience? You might be surprised to find out that escape rooms can be rewarding and fun in any group of people- from your nearest and dearest to five other people you've never met.

Escape Rooms with Strangers: Challenge your Boundaries

In most of our daily lives, our interactions with strangers and brief and cursory. When you interact with strangers at a coffee shop or grocery store, you're generally trying to ensure a quick and streamlined experience. Not much conversation; just an exchange of pleasantries. The fact is that most of the time, strangers stay just that: strangers.

That's why going into an escape room with strangers can be such a rewarding experience. It allows you the opportunity to work cooperatively with people you've never met before. This can help you build up your confidence, improve your communication skills, and push you past your shyness. Working towards a common goal helps even strangers build up a rapport with one another. 

When you work with people you've never met before in an escape room, it's not only an exhilarating and exciting experience- it also offers the opportunity to meet new people, make lifelong friends, and challenge yourself in unexpected ways.

Break Through With Acquaintances or Co-Workers

Are there people in your life that are just sort of...there? People that you wish you could be closer with- but with whom you haven't quite managed to break through to a deeper relationship? An example of this could be a group of coworkers at an office or teammates in a club. You spend a lot of time together each day, but because of the limitations of the environment you don't really know each other too well. 

There's no better way to learn about someone else than seeing how they function under stress. If you enter an escape room experience with a group of coworkers or casual acquaintances, you'll get to see how each person handles pressure. Are they good problem solvers? Are they great communicators? Do they have an amazing sense of humor that can help break the tension in any moment?

It can be hard to reveal new sides or facets of our personalities, and the escape room experience offers us a chance to do just that. As you're learning new things about your coworkers, you might even be learning some things about yourself as well. Working together in this way can be an incredible bonding experience, can highlight everyone's strengths and weaknesses, and certainly makes for a great story in the future. In fact, escape rooms are also an incredible option for team building exercises for this very reason.

A Unique and Exciting Dating Experience

We've all been on an awkward double (or even triple) date. Especially if everyone's just starting to get to know each other, it can be difficult to break the ice and find a topic of conversation everyone's interested in. The usual setting is a dinner date- and sometimes it can be amazing to shake it up a little. 

By scheduling a double or triple date in an escape room, you can bypass the awkward getting-to-know-you phase and jump right into a distracting activity. As you sift through clue after clue, muddle your way through difficult puzzles, and work together to solve a mystery together, you'll probably be surprised to learn how much you all have in common. You'll laugh, be shocked, and experience eureka moments together, making for an incredible and unforgettable experience. 

Tip: It's also a great solitary date idea!

Is it just you and your significant other? An escape room date is a unique opportunity to get to know each other- or reignite some passion. As your hearts start pumping and the adrenaline races, you might find that this is one of the most exciting dates you (or your significant other) has ever been on. Whether you're looking to impress someone you've only been on a few dates with- or surprise your lifelong partner- an escape room is a departure from the norm.

Get Even Closer with your Family or Friends

Do you think you know everything about your friends and family already? The escape room experience might just surprise you. If you love the idea of packing the room with just your siblings, best friends, parents, cousins, or any other combination of your nearest and dearest, just make sure to book the entire room well in advance to make sure it'll be just your group. 

Prepare to be surprised. You could discover that your sister is actually a mastermind when it comes to decoding clues; that your best friend has an intuitive streak you never noticed; or that your mom is surprisingly unflinching under pressure. Aside from giving you all an experience that you'll reminisce and laugh about for ages, an escape room gives you the opportunity to see the people you love in an entirely new light. 

An escape room is already an intimate experience that compels everyone involved to push themselves to their mental limits- so undertaking this adventure with your friends and family is an incredible way to push those relationships even further. It's also a great way to hold a unique birthday party your friends and family will never forget.

So, What's the Best Group to have in an Escape Room?

Depending on the experience you're seeking, there's no right answer to that question. If you're looking for a way to build up camaraderie at work or in a club or team- then going to an escape room with your acquaintances is perfect. If you want to push your boundaries a bit and give yourself the opportunity to meet new and amazing people, then sign up to do an escape room with strangers. Or if your goal is to have an inside joke to share with friends and family forever, then sign up for a private group.

Small or large groups? 

Just you and three of your best friends? Or you and seven strangers? Again, this depends on what you're seeking to get from the experience. With a small group of people, you can create a more intimate experience and control who's in the room with you. With a larger group, you can expect more of a party atmosphere- a little bit raucous, a little bit intense, a lot of fun. Just remember that if you plan on controlling the number of people in your group, you need to make sure to plan ahead since many escape rooms require planning for specific numbers of people.

Whatever you choose, know that the escape room experience will challenge you in unexpected ways. If you want to schedule an unforgettable experience with friends, your date, strangers, or beyond - reach out to Escape Gate today. Located in Orem, UT, we love providing an amazing escape room experience for everyone in Utah and Salt Lake County