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The curse of the black rose

Avast ye, Scallywags! Welcome aboard the Black Rose, where Captain Francis “Hound Dog” Demont and his crew are cursed to walk their decrepit ship for all eternity. Their only hope is if some brave landlubbers venture the forbidden ship, unlock its mysteries, and break the curse. But be careful. Pirates ain’t keen to visitors. And ye only have one hour before the Gate closes and ye are trapped, cursed to roam The Black Rose forever. Savvy?

Note: This room contains a live actor.

Coming Soon!

Who framed charles pinkerton?

To any Dames, Dolls, or Wise guys that might happen upon this letter. I’m writing because my case has taken a turn for the worse, so much so, that I had to fake my death and skip town. I must be getting close to solving this thing since some unknown thug tried to knock me out. Now I can’t get back to my office to finish solving the case. It’s up to you to finish up where I left off. But you only have one hour to put the pieces together before the goon comes back and I get made.